4k Cameras on Reolink RLK16-410B8-5MP

I asking this over on r/reolink but I’m not sure if that subreddit is active.

I’m wondering If I can use 4k Reolink Cameras on Reolinks 16 port NVR. I’m wondering if 4k cameras will even work on the RLK16 as the amazon listings don’t mention it anywhere? Is 4k worth it? I’ve watched a few comparisons between the 4mp and 5mp cameras and the 5mp look almost worse.

I would love to use a dedicated PC with BlueIris but it is out of the budget for now because 16 1080p-4k cameras will require a lot of power. The Reolink system + 8 various cameras are in my preferred price range.

Keep in mind this is an upgrade from an analog system from 10+ years ago so anything will likely be better.

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