A camera with siren that I can also turn off when home?

Hi there,

My gf and I are moving to a new condo which is located on the main floor. It’s a 2 bedroom apartment with a patio and each room has glass doors. We live in Canada.

I am looking for a system that allows to:
-monitor the patio for suspicious activity
-monitor the living room for presence of intruder
-that my gf and I can activate/deactivate when we are home
-set up a trigger to automatically sound a siren if someone is detected in the living room when we are away

The areas I want to cover are the living room and the patio. I would like a wireless battery powered camera for the outdoor. The Argus 2 or the Ring battery Powered look like good fits.

Now I’d like another device in the living room. Something that could activate a siren if it detects an intruder (for when my gf and I don’t have access to our phone, like being out of the country). Another IP camera might do the trick though I have some concerns:
-can an IP camera be set up to automatically sounds an alarm without requiring my input?
-can an IP camera be turned off when we are home (we are concerned about privacy)?

Another possibility is to have a motion sensor in the living room. But it seems to be part of the whole “alarm security system” which is expensive and probably too much for my need. All I want is a single motion sensor that I could link to my Google Home for instance.

Honestly the market is a big jungle to me and it’s quite hard to see what each camera can and can’t do. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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