ADT/BHS-4000a panel disabled by ADT?

I have an ADT/BHS-4000a panel and recently decided to get it back in working order. I fixed the bad zone which was a proprietary smoke detector and have no zone faults anymore. however, i beleive ADT disabled it or it disabled itself some years ago because it has no account active to call into. I built the programmer designed by flan006 on youtube and have the ability to program it. However, for the life of me I cant figure out where they turned it off in software. since it is annoying to program it as the siren clicks when the system identifies my rs-485 dongle as a strange keyboard, my time is limited to trying things. I reset the date from 2007 to 2020 and got the master alarm code and installer code, but when it powers up the keypad just beeps at me whenever i try to do anything with a call 1800 adt message. Any hints on the most likely single entry that needs to be reenabled? thanks in advance and thanks to flan006 for writing the python server code to get into the box.

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