Advice for security measures?

I’m not sure if this is the right forum so kindly redirect me if it’s not.

I (24M) currently live on the third floor of an apartment building in the US and because of tighter finances I’ll be moving to a smaller apartment on the first floor in a week.

I mostly just wanted to hear if anyone has any solid advice for security measures for living on the ground level facing the street, it would give me a bit more peace of mind at night. Before anyone asks I’m not interested in buying a firearm but a bat wouldn’t be out of the question. Here’s a few things I’m already doing:

-Got the landlord to replace the locks so there’s no way the last tenant has a spare key to the place

-Replacing the screws that hold the deadbolt into the door with much longer ones, I read somewhere this can buy you precious time if someone tries to kick down the door (not that it would matter much because the door is about 50% window)

-The windows actually have little latches on them that prevent them from being opened more than two inches if they are unlocked but two of the windows will have AC units in them. For these I’ll cut wooden dowels to fit in the window frame and accomplish the same thing

-Putting up curtains so people hopefully can’t look in and see if I’m home or if I’m worth robbing

I’ll answer any additional questions in the comments.

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