Advice needed: SSD to replace WD Purple?

I recently moved in to a complex of townhouses, and we have a central surveillance system that was set up years ago by a security company. The system is currently using a 3TB WD Purple that apparently has needed replacing twice since the system was set up (which works out to be around every second year). Each time it fails, the company charge us a few hundred to come and replace the drive.

I am wondering if we might not be better served replacing it with an SSD this time around? I know SSDs are not traditionally used for such high-volume write scenarios, but hear me out.

WD Purple

TB workload per year: 60TB

Capacity: 3TB

Price: ~130AUD

Crucial MX500

TBW (total TB writes lifespan): 750TB

Capacity: 2TB

Price: 295AUD

Installation: ~180AUD.

So I’m thinking based on the lifespans of the two drives, the Crucial should be good for ~12 years if you divide its total TBW by 60 (the approved yearly workload for the WD Purple). I don’t anticipate actually meeting these numbers, so let’s say instead of 12 years it lasts 6 years. If so, the cost every 6 years would be:

WD Purple: 130*3+180*3 = 930AUD

Crucial MX500: 295+180 = 475AUD

Has anyone already done something similar? How did you go?

Anything I’m overlooking?

Thank you!

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