systems for monitored intrusion/fire/co

Have been researching systems as an alternative to buying an Abode or SimpliSafe system due to recommendations on this forum. Please help me understand this system – Please correct or confirm below:

Hardware: makes hardware standards, and many companies sell both the hardware and monitoring, and a user can choose between self install and pro install? Seems like they offer multiple brands. I see Qolsys IQ 2+ mentioned here. Is that the best one?

Monitoring Scope: You can select from multiple companies to monitor the system, and people here recommend Surety. However it seems some of the monthly costs are related to access to functions such as leak detection and temperature. If I own the system why do I pay for access to functions? Or is the cost only to monitor those functions and if I want to use those functions and self monitor there is no extra cost?

Monitoring Cost: Surety monitoring is $19/m. Seems if there is competition in this space there should be other companies that offer similar services for comparable costs, but the other monitoring I found seems far more expensive. Is there really competition in this space or is Surety an outlier?

Connection Type: I’d prefer both internet and cellular backup. Is that available with these systems and if so, does that increase the monthly cost?

Any info on the above would be appreciated.

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