Alarm with delay exit and entry on 2 “sequential” doors – garage to house, garage to street

I am looking to get a new home system (new construction) likely DSC with Envisalink, but regardless, I want to put the panel at the door that exits the house and into the garage. The garage also has a door (not an overhead, just regular entry door) that exits out onto the driveway that we do use a lot, or would use to enter if the overhead doors didn’t work.

So I would want to be able to arm the alarm, exit the door into the garage, then exit the door from garage to outside. I would want to be able to enter the same way – enter from driveway into garage, then from garage into house. Assuming I am not fumbling for keys or otherwise delayed, is the best solution to:

  1. Make both doors part of a single zone with a delay on entry and exit? I assume that open/close of one, will not effect the other in terms of stopping the countdown and doing some kind of instant arm.
  2. Make the two doors different zones, each with its own delay? I don’t think this will work but throwing it out there.
  3. Less desirable choice – only alert if garage to driveway door is open, but don’t actually include it in arm/disarm/monitor functions
  4. Mount panel in garage and door from garage to driveway has delay, door from garage to house is treated as interior door. (not desirable either as I lose notifications of zones open, door notifications, etc.) but I could walk around garage without disarming alarm.

Any other suggestions in this regard?


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