Amcrest IP8M Connectivity Issues, Any Suggestions?

Hello All, first post here. I am just getting into security cameras for my house. I have purchased three IP8M-T2499EW-28MM cameras to test out. Long story short i had two cameras setup, no issues, i changed from cable internet to AT&T fiber. My cameras wouldnt connect after this. I read on line there were a few settings i needed to change in my BGW210 model and my Orbi router. I got the camera on the corner of my house working but the one on my back porch will not connect. I deleted the camera and tried to set it up again and nothing. I tried to factory resent and nothing. I took my 3rd camera that had not been setup yet, brand new in the box and set it up for my back porch, it connected and worked right away. Any ideas on what is wrong with my other camera that worked and now i can not get to connect no matter what. I even took it and plugged it directly to my POE switch and when i go to setup the camera it says failed.

I have 6 more cameras to but but i am going to hold off until i sort this issue out.

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