amcrest timestamps all over the place

i have an amcrest ip4m-1051 and it is frequently losing time. sometimes switching time hours apart in the matter of seconds.

i have some small video clips, about 5-8 seconds each, 8 of them, showing time jumping around 1hour, 4 hours, or even backwards and changes the date to a previous day.

i am using this camera with synology surveillance station, and using the option on it to sync time every hour. thats about the only way to try and keep this thing with semi-current time is to have it automatically synced every hour. even between those hour intervals though, it will just randomly change time to something else.

it is VERY frustrating, and a bit worrisome. my concern is, if i were to need this videos for any type of legal issues, im sure a good lawyer could point to the camera timestamp working “incorrectly” and argue that if this part of the camera is not working properly, whos to say that other parts of the camera are also not working properly, and maybe get the video evidence thrown out.

below are 8 short video clips showing timestamps incorrect. in the videos you will see 2 timestamps. the one embedded in the video is the amcrest timestamp (incorrect). the one above the video is the actual, correct time stamp that is displayed in surveillance station. it is synced to the internet, and matches the synology nas, the desktops, and other devices on the network. – time changes – time changes twice – time & date changes – etc – etc – etc

does anyone know what could be going on?

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