Any hope for seemingly useless PoE IP webcams?

Hey all,

So I have one, that seems to work. Its Motion Detection only. 2nd one. Diff brand, is completely useless. I don’t know if its hacked, phone is (done factory reset), router is (new router. Changed administrator login).

I posted (on my local cities sub) months ago about repeated nonforced entry, being followed and harassed (not schizophrenic, paranoid, etc. People are subtle enough to avoid legal issues- overt enough (throat slitting motions) to be real). Got bullshit nonanswers and seemingly gas lit only responses to Xb1 being plugged back in and in random games (you need a PW to even log on), the words “you’re dead” burnt into wall, items missing/out of place/damaged.

Recently, they’ve begun deactivating my “good” Webcam if I go anywhere and don’t have it in real time feed (i.e at work and can’t babysit app/camera), I’ve changed passwords. Emails. Etc. The useless one they simply disable 2 minutes after I plug in (again, changed everything.) The “useless” one is a 24/7 record option w motion detection options.

Now, I dont know how they’re doing it, but it is clear that after breaking up w someone who is a legitimate sociopath (was why I broke up. I stupidly called her on shit instead of becoming a gray rock and having her lose interest) who upon hearing my breakup, went on a monolgue that ended w “ill fund your suicide”.

I called cops over multiple times and they are hilariously inept/indifferent/corrupt. I called about “youre dead” being on my wall, “huh. They have bad grammer. Forgot the ‘ “. I called about a dirty pair of panties w shit stains hidden amongst my bathroom sink pipes “are they yours?” (I’m a dood and don’t CD), I called about long black hair clogging my shower drain when I myself am buzz cut/losing hair after cancer “that happens sometimes “.. HAIR just appears in shower drains!? Never given report #s or proof of anything documented.

Anyways. Their new game is coming in whichever way I dont have good camera facing, either window or door. So that tells me they’ve 1) hacked the camera 2) hacked my phone.

Any recommendations for cheap setup? Or any way to set up router to be more secure? I was working at fast food but had to leave after moving towns and bus not being feasible.i get ssi + sell plasma and it covers bills+ a little extra, but i can’t afford the NVR (?) Setups so am looking for something that’d work w current set up or under $100.

Thank you for reading

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