Are cheap Amazon POE Cameras worth the risk?

Hi everyone!

I’m currently looking at adding two cameras to my system. I’m running a dedicated Blue Iris machine, and the below linked cameras should be compatible.

Based on the specs and reviews of the cameras, they seem like viable options. Keep in mind I’m not securing Fort Knox here, so absolute top of the line quality isn’t really required. I’m more seeking a middle ground between cost and performance.

Apart from the Amazon listing, I’m having a really tough time finding any other reference to them online… I’m assuming they’re a re-brand of units that I’ve yet been unable to find…

So my question is: Is it worth taking the risk by giving these things a try? Also note that for additional security, I plan on keeping them blocked from WAN access using the firewall in pfsense, as I’ve heard of some sketchy practices by the firmware of some of these cheaper cameras.

First camera I’d like to try is a PTZ with adjustable zoom 2.8 mm – 8mm and is 2MP

The second is a more basic, fixed 3.6mm 5MP lens


Thanks in advance for any information or opinions!


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