Bedroom Door Security

Hey all! Hope you are all well and safe. I need some input on the best ways to secure a bedroom door.

The situation: My younger brother has problems with stealing alcohol, money, and anything else he can get his hands on from my parents. So after this happened several times the decision was made to put anything and everything he can’t have in my room and we put a ≈$30 brinks exterior door lock on the door. This lock has the small second bolt that is supposed to keep it from being opened with a credit card. But somehow he keeps breaking in. I don’t think he is picking the lock. It’s already a hassle having to lock and unlock my door, so I don’t want to just add a deadbolt as that’s just twice the annoyance. The best idea I have had is to get a brinks digital deadbolt. How secure are those to picking/bumping/decoding?

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