Best way to switch from ADT to a different monitoring service but keep my existing hardware? Or best way to negotiate monthly cost down?

This may not be the right sub so I apologize in advance. Wife and I have had ADT for nearly 10 years. It was a great deal back then (roughly $30/month), and we own the equipment (Honeywell Safewatch Pro 3000).

Unfortunately, over the years, ADT has been eating us alive and we’re now paying $76/month. The bill isn’t itemized, but somewhere along the line, I think ADT added a “Quality Service Plan.” I assume Taxes and random Fees are also eating into this.

Do you guys know of another reputable, recommendable service that’ll let me switch to them while being able to keep my current equipment?

Or should I just call them up and threaten to cancel service in an effort to negotiate the cost down?

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