Brinks long-term contracts: is this really legal?

I moved to a new town where I noticed everyone had security systems. So when Brinks showed up and offered to sell me a system, I stupidly agreed to it figuring that the people in this town must have a reason for installing these security systems.

I have decided that the reason everyone has security systems here is that Brinks preys on stupid poor people like me.

After two years of paying them $50/month, I called to cancel and they told me that they signed me up for an unbreakable 3 year contract!

3 years! For a useless, predatory service. When I tried negotiating with them on the phone, they tried signing me up for many more years of service without clearly telling me that’s what they were doing. I’m sure that that’s how I ended up with a 3 year contract for a security system on a house I knew at the time I wasn’t going to stay in for 3 years.

Does anyone know what the real legalities are of this? I doubt that a company this scammy is actually following all applicable laws. So what laws is Brinks breaking here, and does anyone have any experience getting out from under their contracts?

I’m in North Carolina.

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