Can security cameras generate lag or consume a lot of bandwidth?

Hey gang, Im not sure if this is the right place to put this but I’m the following situation.

I’m between installing security cameras with cables through the whole house, or just adding wireless ones throughout the internet (CCTV IP I think it is called). The problem is that here in my country, connections are not well balanced. I have 300MB download Speed, but only 15MB Upload Speed.

So questions are.
– Is that enough to work with cameras?
– Will it consume that upload speed constantly? (that generates gaming lag and terrible video call quality which is much of a problem for my work)
– Finally how well do the signals need to be? It is a big house and the cameras will be spread.

I’ll use the cameras for surveillance but only record when it detects movement and when I’m not at home, so I guess the simple question would be, how good does your WiFi need to be for a security system to work smoothly?

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