Changing from a DSC 5010 to 1832

I all i have been looking to upgrade my 5010 alarm system to a 1832 due to its wireless capabilities.

Now i can buy the new alarm panel online for 80 brand new. I called my monitoring company and they told me the panel is 100 and the installation is 150 for a total of 250+tax

Now i’m pretty tech savvy (automated my own home, coder, did electrical in my entire unfinished basement myself with permits and all) but i’ve never programmed an alarm. I am not intimidated but do lack the understanding of what i need to do to make it work with my monitoring station. For example the dial out phone number to the monitoring station i dont know. The monitoring station company were unwilling to give me this info and pushing on a technician.

I know the zones have to be programmed and all which i can figure out. However, are there settings I can take from my existing system and copy them (such as the phone number or whatever else info is needed) and program them in my new panel? Looking for a way to save the $200 if i can.

Connected hardware is the PC5010 DSC panel, 1 PKG5501, 1 Envisalink 4

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