Cheap, “safe” 2 camera PTZ solution

This is a cross post from r/cctv as this subreddit has more users. it’s not specifically about home security but does involve security cameras.


I bought a cheap wifi IP PTZ camera off ebay to watch my puppy. It works fine but I had to download a sketchy AF mobile app in order to set it up. It does have RTSP so I can run a 24/7 VLC livestream on an old laptop which is good.

I’d like to get a 2nd camera for outside but if possible I would like avoid using these Chinese apps as it seems almost all cheap Chinese IP camera’s only work with a dedicated app. So my ideal setup would be x2 camera’s with PTZ (1 needs to be outdoor so will need some king of ip66 water-proofing) and some way to control the PTZ and also watch the feeds on a laptop.

I don’t require recording, motion detection, or any kind of push notifications. Just need a 24/7 feed.

IR CUT would be good. So what are my options? should I look for camera’s that have ONVIF? so I could use something like blue Iris ? Or should I just go for a more “trusted” brand ?

any help is greatly appreciated.


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