Commercial Security Camera

I have a large commercial space that I need a very good clear camera for that has a good omnidirectional microphone. There is a notice entering and around the premises that audio and video is being recorded so it shouldn’t run afoul of any wiretapping laws as I already have a twenty camera system I just need one I can float around. It doesn’t need to be low key but it does need to be wireless (no coax, wired power is fine) with it’s own software suite (if I have to do anything overtly technical that’s fine as well). The space I need it to view and listen to is a warehouse space around 1500 square feet and it needs to pick-up sounds from far with objects (cardboard boxes in the way) I’m not sure if this is possible so I’m asking here first. Thank you for the help. If it moves that’s a bonus, if not, not a deal breaker. I don’t have a specific price-point, but try to keep it under $500, but a wide-range of prices and solutions would be ideal as well.

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