Condo Security Camera Setup

Hello /r/homesecurity,

I’m on the board of a condo and we had some incidents recently that have prompted us to look into getting a security camera system. I’m moderately familiar with home networking and feel pretty confident specing out equipment. So I was really surprised when the first estimate came back at $10k for a wired 8-camera system. I had figured on the high end that would be about $3k, maybe a little more, including installation and setup. Am I off-base, or am I being swindled?

The equipment they are quoting is Alibi NVR3316P NVR and 8x NS2014VR 4MP dome cameras. It seems to me these are marked up to begin with, but it would still leave about $6k left in the fixed price estimate for labor. I don’t think it’s anywhere close to 40-60 hours of labor. I know fixed price has a lot of overhead built-in, just in case. But this feels off.

In reading many posts here, I’m more tempted to convince the rest of the board to let me do the install myself to save us a ton of money. This project would be about 1/3rd of our budget for the year if we purchased it.


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