Confused on the network hardware requirements for setting up security camera network

I am setting up 3 amcrest cameras connected to a TP link PoE switch. I plan to run Blue Iris on a dedicated desktop computer running headless. I already have the cameras and switch, and I have a refurb i5 EliteDesk box and 4TB WD Purple on the way.

I want the cameras to be protected from the internet as much as possible but I also need the computer itself to be connected to the internet so I can access it. I’m having trouble envisioning the layout of this network because I don’t know anything about network design. First of all, does this even make sense? Do I need a separate router for the cameras or can I connect the PoE switch directly to the computer? Do I/can I install 2 regular old network cards into the computer (or better yet use the already on board WLAN and ethernet connection simultaneously) so I can simultaneously connect the cameras and my main home router, and does this functionally isolate the networks from each other? Thanks

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