Considering replacing two floodlights with floodlight-cameras, need some advice

Having an issue with petty mischief/vandalism and I purchased a Reolink RLC-520 + PoE Switch as a kind of proof of concept that I could set up a DIY home security thing. I’ve had it sitting behind a window in my garage pointing down the driveway but we have a floodlight on the side of our house on the side of our problematic neighbors that my dad and I want to replace with a camera floodlight.

I was at Home Depot at the time and noticed the Ring Floodlight and thought it was cool at first, but then I saw something about a monthly subscription and that doesn’t sound appealing to me and want an experience more like the Reolink camera where I can monitor on an app remotely and video recorded clips triggered by motion detection.

I saw a recommendation of a eufy Floodlight and now I’m thinking this may be what I want to get. If anyone has any wisdom on this, it would be very appreciated.

Also, secondary request: Is there a trail cam I can buy that lets me wirelessly monitor and/or transfer recorded clips? I might be able to hide one in my backyard that is a little more inconspicuous.

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