Dahua video intercom and electronic lock – worth it?

I’ve got a reasonably extensive Dahua home security system being installed soon to replace an existing wireless system, and so I’ve been thinking about also upgrading the old-school doorbell at the gate and mechanical door lock on the front door to electric options. The front door is being replaced anyway so the cutout of the prospective lock isn’t an issue, and the existing front gate doesn’t have a lock function so that capability in an intercom isn’t relevant atm.

Is there any benefit to coordinating the systems, and going with a Dahua video intercom on the gate rather than a cheaper option like Ring? What about for the door lock, compared to one I could pick up from my local hardware shop?

If you don’t rate the Dahua products, is there another (either for the video doorbell or the electronic front door lock) that you’d highly recommend?

Am I missing any obvious KPIs in my research here?


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