DIY Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera System

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for a recommendation into some security cameras around my house. I’m new to all of this so far, so please bear with me. I’ve looked around this subreddit a little bit, as well as some other browsing around the internet, but I’m feeling a little overwhelmed about the number of options/companies. I can’t quite find exactly what I’m looking for through my own research, but maybe someone here can help me.

Here’s what I’m looking for, but I’m willing to be flexible on some of these points if there’s not an exact system to fit my needs:

  • A budget of around $500-$1000, though if there’s a system that hits every mark that’s a little over that budget, I’d be willing to save up a little more.
  • 2-3 Outdoor Cameras. I live in Michigan, so they’d have to be able to withstand colder temps. They’d be placed underneath some overhangs, so they wouldn’t get too much rain/snow, but there’s always the possibility of some.
  • Wired Doorbell Cam. Possibly, depending on the options, I might just rather have a outdoor cam covering the front door area.
  • 3-4 Indoor Cams
  • Local storage
  • No monthly fees/subscriptions
  • I think I would prefer a battery operated and wifi connection to a local hub/server for easier install, but would be willing to take the time to hardwire it if it solves all my needs.
  • I would like to have the cameras still record and store footage even if temporally disconnected from wifi. That makes me think that I have to do a hardwire system, but I saw some systems that will upload recorded footage after re-connected to wifi.
  • Self monitor with motion detector alerts through android

So far, the two brands that caught my eye were Eufy and Arlo, but wasn’t completely sold on either. For Eufy, it seems like not every camera can interact with their central hub. It looks like they’re possibly working on it, but I don’t know if I want to buy in a system with the hopes that it’ll be solved in the future. For Arlo, I’ve seen some people complain about video quality/false positives or delayed notifications on their cameras, though I’m not sure if that’s true for everyone.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you

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