DIY setup for Home Ranch

My family just bought 4 acres of land with three buildings on it . We are repairing the garage already with the walls and ceiling torn down and I am wanting to run cables for future security cameras. My ideal setup would be POE and connected to my own pc and storage. I am thinking I would need at least 8 cameras but currently maybe only 4 and down the line would like ability to expand. For sure no subscriptions or contracts. I am willing to do all the work that is need to install and setup. I’m trying to cut cost for my family and have experience with running cable so a cheaper option for system would be preferred, but i am willing to see all cost options. My only previous experience is with two Wyze cams but I would prefer not to use wifi for cameras. Any advice or guidance on what systems could handle this situation would be greatly appreciated because I am new to security systems. Thanks for Help!

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