Does ADT Command still offer the optional 2nd keypad?

I recently upgraded to the ADT Command with the new touchscreen system/4G connectivity and feel like it’s a downgrade from my previous 6 year old 3G ADT system. Why? ADT keeps telling me they don’t offer an optional secondary keypad (even though their FAQ website specifically acknowledges the existence of a secondary keypad unit) so now I only have one keypad.

I live in a 3 story townhouse, and with the only keypad on the 1st floor, this means I won’t be able to hear anything if someone happens to break in while I’m on the 3rd floor even with the system armed. With my previous 6 year old system I could at least hear the secondary keypad on the 3rd floor give a long continuous beep so that I’d know if a door was opened or alarm was pending a PIN to disarm.

Also, the alarm on the new system is also nowhere near as loud as my previous system. The ADT technician showed me the alarm and it was basically just a high pitched sound from the keypad which would be completely inaudible to my neighbors (he waited out the time frame and did not enter the PIN so that the system could freak out). My old system used my townhome’s hardwired siren which scared the living daylights out of me the first time I heard it and would most certainly alert my entire neighborhood that something’s up.

Am I just getting bad info on the secondary keypad and or did I get a botched install with the new alarm being totally crap? At this point I wish I had just stuck with my old system.

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