Has anyone used SimpliSafe Cameras as their outdoor Cameras?

I have the SimpliSafe alarm system as well as Ring Doorbell so I have two choices when it comes to deciding which cameras I want to choose for my outdoor cameras.

The one main thing I like about SimpliSafe cameras is they don’t have a time limit and will record as long as there is motion although Ring just updated their video settings to allow you to choose between 15s-120s of video.

I already know what Ring cameras look like and handle like outdoor but since SimpliSafe cameras were made for indoors and require a specific weatherproof kit I’m worried it’ll affect the overall quality of the video itself

My question is how good are the cameras with the weathering kit attached too it does it affect the video quality any?

How is the night vision video? Is it just as clear as in the house?

In your honest opinion would you recommend converting a few of my indoor cameras into outdoor cameras or wait until they release a dedicated outdoor cameras?I

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