HD security camera system (DVR/NVR) for 8+ cameras with smooth playback scrubbing and ability to live view all cameras on a screen 24/7?

I am looking to upgrade my security camera system to a higher resolution and have a few requirements I can’t seem to find a suitable product for. Honestly I consider these really basic things got a security camera system but perhaps that’s not the case.

1) I need to easily be able to scrub through video rapidly to find events. My Nest doorbell does this great. Most systems I’ve tried it make it very hard to find things in the video done you have to keep changing clips/files.

2) I need to display all my cameras on a large screen TV (HDMI). A direct HDMI output would be nice.

I’ve considered Nest for the great video scrubbing but there’s no good way to view all cameras up at once. I wouldn’t be able to fully replace my old system without using too much of my upstream bandwidth too.

Unifi Protect appears to have great scrubbing for scrolling through the video timeline but also land a way to view all cameras at once on a TV in a reliable way. I could pull up a browser on the tv but their forum has tons of posts about people trying to stream this way 24/7 and it breaks a lot and requires continuous fiddling. It seems they do have the ability to be a rstp server and then I could use Blue Iris or something to display the cameras on a computer hooked to a tv. I worry about a big time delay with this and it seems like a big hassle and kind of hacky.

Blue Iris has a lot of pros but the YouTube videos I watched on it didn’t seem to show a good video scrubbing experience with you having to manually select clips to dig through.

Any suggestions?

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