Help for a home security first timer?


I’m in a house for the first time after living in apartments. While I love the nice neighborhood, I’ve got baby-daddy drama and super concerned parents.

I need a security system that is:

-easy to install (or that has the option to pay someone to install it) -user friendly (I don’t have the time or energy to more than push a button, and I’m not going to buy a whole computer just to house my own diy security system unless it’s really, really easy to do) -simple (I don’t need the whole kit n caboodle, just two cameras – I hear “hard wired” is the way to go?)

I’d prefer a system that is self maintained, I don’t want to have to ask permission to view my own videos. I heard that with RING you need a subscription just to keep recordings. I’d rather not do that.

I’m sort of interested in the “smart house” thing where you can get all the things interconnected, but I’m living on teacher salary and still renting, so I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Upon reading this, I guess I’m kind of picky. Bonus points if you can recommend a local home security company in Central Florida.

Edit: I’d rather not have a video feed that only connects to my phone.

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