Help with camera system selection


Ive been searching the sub and it seems Reolink and Unifi are good choices for a camera system. My wife and I are in the finishing stages of a build and would like to have some cameras (probably 7 plus a doorbell). I don’t care necessarily about cloud STORAGE but would like ability to be able to see cameras remotely and receive and check on motion alers etc (a la Ring).

I enjoy gadgets and am not tech illiterate but would likely do best with something that’s relatively easy setup and maintenance.

I keep reading about Blue Iris and NVR. Do I actually have to have a separate dedicated PC to run this or is the NVR that machine.

Would obviously prefer to keep costs lower if possible. Don’t need highest end cameras but want something decent that’s going to work and not be a huge hassle.

I am wired for cat 6 at all house corners in camera locations for PoE.

Thanks for your thoughts and recommendations.

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