Home camera system for speeding vehicles

So there’s a home on my block with several young kids (I’d estimate 6-13 years old). They’re mostly unsupervised and have been seen driving vehicles in the neighborhood by several different neighbors. CPS and nonemergency PD line have been called with no real action. It happened again today so I called 911 and eventually was able to get a unit to come take a statement and talk to an adult who showed up after the kids saw me taking pictures of the vehicle they were driving. The PD seemed less than impressed so I’m hoping to get a camera system to cover my house but primarily to have a camera pointed at the street and catch the kids in action. I made a production out of it and made sure most of the neighbors are aware but I want objective evidence. We’ve got a bunch of small children who play in the street (including the kids in question!) and I don’t want anyone getting hurt or killed.


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