Home security camera recommendations?

I have been using Amazon’s cloud cam for the past few years and it’s been working pretty well. What I like about it is the wireless connection and how I can view live footage from anywhere with an internet connection. What I don’t like is the yearly subscription(3 camera set up) and how it can’t continuously record all the time.

My friend has a wired Lorex system and from what I’ve seen, it looks great. I like how he doesn’t need to pay a premium to use it and how he can stream live feed from his mobile device.

I’m looking to upgrade my security camera system to one that that has a higher quality recordings(1080p+), be able to stream live from mobile, and continuous video recording(at least 1 week). Extra features I would like to have but don’t need are alarm sounds, two-way audio, and no premium.

What would you recommend?

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