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Hey all!

My parents are wanting to get a couple (maybe up to 3) outdoor cameras for the house. We don’t really know much about security cameras so I’m hoping I can get some information and help here. At least be pointed in the correct direction.

I’ve done some research and I see that wireless seem to be pretty common, my only thinking is that we have to “worry” about changing the battery. And if they’re running 24/7 I feel the battery would drain pretty quickly. Maybe I’m wrong. We also live in Colorado so it will absolutely be out in below 0 temps at times which I know the cold slaughters batteries. So I guess to start, are wireless or wired better? I understand there’s pros and cons to both and it depends on the situation, but again, we’re all totally new to this so just trying to gather as much data as possible.

We also aren’t looking for an actual company such as ADT to be monitoring it. We’d like to get 2-3 cameras that can communicate with our phones and probably a desktop browser as well.

So to kinda wrap this up, I guess I’m just looking to see pros and cons of wireless vs. wired cameras and then what systems people recommend. I’ve seen Wyze, Nest and Arlo Pro 3 seem to be pretty constantly at the top.

Any and all help is extremely appreciated!

Edit: They’d like to be able to view the footage (live and recorded) from their phones whether they’re home or away from the house. I’m also not sure of a budget, however I know they don’t want a cheap system. They’d like a solid, reliable system.

Thank you!

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