Home Security System for a Classroom? Need recommendations.

I would like to try to use a home security system for my classroom. I am teaching into the classroom via Zoom (health reasons) and I can’t see the whole room or all of the students. I’m thinking a wireless security system that I can monitor at home on a large monitor or TV. The room is approximately 30′ X 60′ with a weird divider device in the middle that stays open. I think the room would need at least 4 cameras. Ultimately, I would like a microphone(s) too. I do not need memory and I do not need a monitoring service. Also, just motion sensor won’t work because I will want it on the entire school day. I could like to say price doesn’t matter but it is a public school in one of the lowest funded state. I will be using fundraising (anyone want to buy some popcorn?) and need to be realistic. Does anyone have any genius ideas? Thanks for reading and considering!

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