Honeywell Vista End-of-Line-Resistor Normal State

I’m working on getting a Vista system set up and am wondering about the “normal” state of a zone with an EOLR. In particular, is it possible to set zone 1 to fault when closed?

Reason for asking is that in going to use Konnected to fault the zone, but I’d like the fault to register when closed rather than open to remove the possibility of a brief blip (or if I restart the system) from Konnected tripping the zone.

From AlarmGrid: “Zone 1 must use an EOLR (End of Line Resistor). It does not have the option for NC, or NO only. The tolerance for resistance on Zone 1 is 100 ohms, or put another way, acceptable resistance on Zone 1 is 1900 to 2100 ohms. Tolerance on all other hardwired zones is 300 ohms, or 1700 to 2300 ohms.”

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