How can I do a fault reset on a Honeywell Galaxy Alarm panel?

So I have a honeywell galaxy alarm panel installed by a home security company. It’s paired with Honeywell mk8 panels. Recently I got a arc fail comm fault and the panels say that there is a system fault and a reset is required (see image provided).

How can I do a fault reset on my own?

For reference we know the installation company VERY well, and aren’t worried about breach of contract or anything. I also know the engineers code if I need to be logged in as an engineer.

This has happened before and the company did a remote fault reset without needing to like restart the panel or anything. It was just silent fault reset.

I’m looking to learn how to do this so I don’t have to keep asking one of the engineers to do it next time it happens.

Please help/send instructions/whatever.

Thank you..

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