how do you disable a window sensor? PLEASE HELP. I’m desperate guys.

(Skip to second paragraph if you don’t want my reasoning as to why I need help disabling a window sensor.)

My mom is a Karen. I’m 16 with a curfew of 8:30. We have a vivant security system with a camera at the front door and those locks that send an alert to my moms phone when unlocked on both the front and back doors. I’ve been able to sneak out when she forgets to lock the back door. However tonight I came home the the back door locked (I left it unlocked when I left so the notification wouldn’t be sent to her phone) and had to unlock it with a code, window sensor it sent a notification to her phone. When I got in I cleared the notification from her phone, but if she goes into the app she’ll see it, and if I keep sneaking out this way I’ll probably be caught.

We have simple window sensors in the basement. (I’m pretty sure it’s the kind that uses magnets, I attached a link to an image of the kind I have) can someone please give advice on how to disable/make sure the alarm will not go off when I open the window?

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