How to secure sliding windows

I’m about to move into a new rental which has an older sliding window that can be accessed from the ground. I’ve noticed two issues with it and looking for advice for how to secure it. I already have 2 dowels: one to hold it shut and one to hold it open a couple inches for airflow.

The first issue is that it’s very easy to lift the window from the frame. I was able to do it in a couple seconds while holding something else. There is even a bit of a gap at the top on one side, so very loosely fit. Because of that top gap, I’m worried about whether a screw drilled into the top frame would be enough.

The second issue is that the window is not secured/held in place on either side. The screen is the only thing preventing the normally stationary side from sliding, and would be even easier than the window to remove. So I would need something to secure the window to the frame to prevent it from being opened even if the screen is removed.

For reference, the frame is wood and the tracks are metal.

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