I just had a baby and I figure it is time to embark on my first home security adventure!

I have done quite a bit of research and have decided that I would like to purchase a NVR based security camera system. I have been looking primarily at two brands (Reolink and Amcrest) and I wanted to see if you guys and gals had any knowledge or experience with either of the hardware or had any alternative recommendations.

I specifically have selected NVRs with Dual HDDs, to use as redundancy (best I can tell, both softwares allow this). Both allow for remote access through an app (I originally was looking at Lorex brand systems as well, but apparently their app and support aren’t great, so I dropped them off my list.)

One must-have that I have not confirmed is possible on the Reolink yet is the triggering of recording via sound instead of motion. On the Amcrest system I can use an external microphone to trigger recording on a single channel.


NVR: RLN16-410 (I only want 8ch, but this is the only option Reolink has with dual internal HDDs)

Camera(s): B400/B800 (may use both in the system)


NVR: NV5208E (Selected for the dual internal HDDs)

Camera: IP4M-1026EW-28MM (has a significantly wider FoV compared to above. +40 degrees almost)

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