Im sure since the quality of wyze has gone downhill there has been an influx of alternative posts in here about such. I am now added to that list of people. help!

These cameras dont seem to be getting any better and are barely reliable at best. What is the alternative to these? I know of Eufy, and the indoor option. I also need one thats good for outdoors but im not 100% sold on a battery option, so I dont have to mess with it every 180 days or so. A hard wired options is what would be ideal.

My outdoor camera would be on 24/7. I dont want to have multiple brand cameras. whats a good company that will give me a large FOV, runs on wifi or at least has an app I can check on when im not home and has outdoor/indoor options and is hard wired power..

I only want to stick with the non-permanent option right now because I rent.

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