IP PoE Camera Suggestions

Looking for 3 cameras.

Need a camera for the front door that can be mounted about 15 ft away and about 10 ft high. Something like this. Quality of the recording is important for this one.

I have a narrow corridor on the side of the house. It’s more than 20 ft long, with a 8ft wall to match. Not sure how important the quality is. As long as this camera can zoom between 7ft to 30ft, should be good enough.

Last camera would be in front of the house, over seeing the driveway. Driveway is about 20 ft long, but I’d want a wide capture. Something like this

I’m probably going to use Blue Iris or ZoneMinder for NVR. I don’t want to access the cameras directly, or need an app for the cameras. They are going to be cut off from the internet. The NVR I might do something with VPN, unsure at the moment. Thanks for the help!

EDIT: Budget is about 75 – 125 per camera

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