Is 19 ft from ground level too high for a 4mp camera?


When wiring my cameras, I put my cameras about 18-19 ft above ground level. The highest point of my house is about 26 ft. I put the cameras that high because I wanted to run the wires through the attic. This would expose only a few inches of wire.

So far, I haven’t had any problems but I’m afraid that if I do in the future, I wouldn’t be able to capture faces.

Note that there are two cameras like this and they are both backyard and side yard cameras, with the side yard one being the side with no gate. Other than that, I have cameras at the front and side yard with the gate about 7-8 feet up.

Should I move my two cameras that are 18-19 ft up a little lower… like maybe like down to 12 ft or something? The reason I made the backyard cameras so high up is because of laziness but also my backyard is pretty big with lots of vegetation for people to hide in, so I wanted something high up to get a “sky view”. Same with with side yard with no gate. Its deep.


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