Long distance from wifi security cams?

Hi all, hoping for a recommendation! We use a mix of Arlo and Wyze cams around our property, and my father-in-law has been amazed by them. He wants a setup for his property, but has a bit of an issue. They have a wood shed about 600 ft from their house that is out of view, and no power/wifi available that he wants to get alerts for. He’s concerned someone will steal their firewood supply. I’m setting him up with a gate and driveway alarm like we have, but he still really wants a camera system. We live in the same hollow totalling 40 acres between us with a few neighbors, and since I got our Arlo setup he’s been freaked out with how much traffic comes up the dirt road during the day.

I like our Arlo system because I can have cameras far from power, but we’re really pushing the limit with our furthest camera 250′ from the house. It definitely won’t work for them, but I’m struggling to find a system that will!

The only option I’ve come up with is a trail camera with 4G data plan. The other option he didn’t like was a solar panel powering cam that records to SD card like the Wyze does. We have a backhoe, but he’s not crazy about installing power/internet lines to the shed.

Any suggestions or am I on a wild goose chase?

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