Looking for camera mounting suggestions

I just bought a couple of Blink XT2. One to cover my basement door, the other to cover a slope that runs from my driveway into my backyard.

For the basement door, I just had motion lights installed. If anyone approaches that area it’s lit up nicely. For here, should I mount the camera somewhere above the light? Maybe 1′ above the light is a support for my deck, I could mount it there so it looks down in that area. Or I could mount it a on a beam that runs out from the house so if someone approaches the basement from the area near the driveway it would catch them.

For the area near the driveway that slopes down, I was thinking of mounting the camera between a couple of windows 8′ above the ground, so if someone walked down I’d catch them at the top of the slope itself.

Recommendations? I could put a couple of sketches together if it helps.

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