Looking for fancy IP camera suggestions for urban cityscape

I’m in a high rise, and my balcony faces a busy urban area with lots of construction and street activity, as well as mountains and the horizon. This is more about soaking in all the interesting stuff happening outside, vs being part of a home security system. I’m looking for suggestions for IP cameras that would be best suited for this application. I’d appreciate everyone’s thoughts. The criteria I’ve settled on are:

  • PoE
  • PTZ
  • High zoom (at least 30x?)
  • Good night-time color performance, but IR likely irrelevant due to height and distance
  • Outdoor rated (but the weather is mild and there’s also a balcony above mine)
  • Supports pole mount or standard tripod head: I can’t drill into the wall, and I’d like to have temporary/portable installations
  • Not particularly large or heavy

I don’t know the search keywords or category camera that would fit the bill. All the camera models I’ve found are very expensive and very obscure: for example, the Axis Q6075-E seems like a good candidate, but Axis doesn’t even have a marketing video for it, and I couldn’t find anyone talking about that model.

Despite this, I convinced myself that I wanted the Axis Q6075-E. But I’m having second thoughts. Despite the price, it’s ‘only’ 1080p. The Axis Q6128-E is 4K but makes no claims about low-light performance. Also, despite their slick marketing, Axis seems to really not want randos buying their stuff. I’m aware of Hikvision and Dahua, but their higher end cameras are hard to find and aren’t price-competitive, from what I can tell.

My only prior experience with IP cameras is with the UVC G3. I’ve got one set up outside right now and the fidelity has been disappointing, day and night.

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