Looking for recommendations and input for a high image quality (night and day) NVR Security Camera system that is good enough to pick up license plates (if needed) in street in front of house that is aprox 30ft away

I am looking at getting a high image quality (night and day) NVR Security Camera system. I am looking for recommendations and input.

I am leaning towards the Night Owl IC8 Series 8-Channel 4K 2TB NVR Security Surveillance System https://www.homedepot.com/p/Night-Owl-IC8-Series-8-Channel-4K-2TB-NVR-Security-Surveillance-System-with-4-Wired-IP-Cameras-IC802-84/309811109

My goals are to have the camera have among the best night image capture quality and have a high enough quality in the day time to capture the license plate of any suspicious vehicle driving 30mph or slower down a street in front of my house that is approximately 30 feet away. My Nest Outdoor IQ camera can not do this.

Thank you

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