Looking for single camera with wired power but no huge DVR.

Hey guys and gals,

its probably just me missing the simplest solution again but I am looking for over a week already so please hear me out.

I just moved to an apartment on “raised ground floor” wich is nice since it comes with a small terrace that, with its own door and staircase, serves as separate entrance to the flat. Nice. Problem is, with it being so frequented, do not want to barricade it but still use it for storage of my bike and and kids trailer as well as a secure site for package delivery. Asides from the obvious measures (good locks, floodlight) a camera is the obvious choice to improve the situation. A single unit would suffice but I just don’t trust in any of those flimsy battery cams (Argus, Arlo, Wyze, Blink, …) but is the only other way to drop 250 bucks on an 8 channel DVR for a single camera?

What I am looking for:

  • Proper (beefy) camera body. (Dome/turret style preferred)
  • Light weather resistance (outdoor but way under the roof.)
  • The higher the resolution, the better (obviously)
  • Night vision (IR)
  • Wired power (Mains power available, PoE possible with injector)
  • No expensive sever. (A RasPI e.g. would be totally fine)
  • Working software

A camera like the Reolink D800 would check all my boxes and I definitely don’t mind dropping €100 on a camera that quality, but €250 more for the only compatible 8ch DVR? There has to be a middle ground or solution.

Thanks in advance for every hint.

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