Lorex Wifi Camera Systems

Hey everyone,

I’m looking for a good high quality WiFi camera and I’ve been eyeing the Lorex 1080p LWF2080B.

They have everything I want in a camera including 24/7 recording, IP66 weatherproof for cold Canadian winters and zoning/motion detection.

I’ve tried and returned the Arlo Pro 3 as the active zones and motion detection didn’t work well to say the least. I’d have an active zone setup in my yard and vehicle motion detection turned off, and I’d still get motion detection notifications when vehicles drive by on the street. I’d also have to almost be standing in front of the camera for it to detect me straight on, even with sensitivity turned all the way up.

Has anyone used Lorex WiFi Cameras before? What are your thoughts on them? How is the motion detection/zoning on these cameras?

Would you recommend any other WiFi cameras besides Lorex? I’ve also been looking at some of Swanns WiFi cameras as well as EufyCam 2C that’s available on Amazon.

Thanks in advance!

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