Moved to House with ADT / Bad Sales Experience – should I switch?

We just moved into a house that has had ADT service for years and the previous owner raved about her experience both with the service team and with the security they provided.

When we moved in, I called the number and had a horrible experience. I got a sales guy who, with no real context or explanation, tried to upsell me to a new system. He essentially gave me the choice between the existing service with modifications (which I would have to pay for) or a new, cellular system (that I would have to pay more for). Ironically, there is no cell service where I am, so that’s a useless upsell anyway.

I told him that I didn’t want either and I just wanted to turn back on the system that I already have. He told me that I couldn’t do that. So, I just told him that I would talk to my wife and get back to them. I figured I would just hang up and call back and start over again.

Then, 30 minutes after I got off the phone, I got an e-mail saying I was getting an in-person appointment in six weeks, I got a docusign contract, and I got a bill for $140 . This is after I said “NO” to the service.

I then reached out to them on Twitter to explain the situation and to ask to speak to a manager, and I’ve just been told to call the 1800 number.

My alternative is a local security company that comes highly recommended and uses products. My only concern there is that I already have all this ADT hardware sitting around that I don’t think they can leverage and I don’t want to have even more hardware. I’m going to call and get a quote from them and start from there, but would love any guidance or help this sub can provide.



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