Need a System Fast: Thinking Arlo Pro 3 or give Lorex a chance?

Hello and thanks!

So, long story short, caught someone trying to open a locked window today (he was trying to find his female friend who wasn’t home). I don’t think he’ll be coming by again, but I want to get some cameras up ASAP. Been meaning to, regardless (just got confused by all the options available). I live on Maui though, and it seems I’m very limited in my choices of what’s available in store.

Costco has the Arlo Pro 3 in stock and I also think it has (Lorex 8-Channel 5MP DVR Security System with 2TB HDD and 4 5MP Active Deterrence Cameras with Color Night Vision™) in stock. The second being a wired system.

I live in a neighborhood, the houses are fairly close together (maybe 20 feet max between them on the sides). Although once someone gets to the side of my house, they have privacy. Can only enter from the front, unless they go through a neighbors yard and jumps a fence. 1 story house, with an attic.

Would love any possible feedback on the below.

  1. I like how easy the Arlo Pro is to set up, being wirelsss. While with the Lorex, it looks like I have to drill and connect the wire in to the back of the mounts? (not sure how easy that is going to be)
  2. I saw, if the Arlo Pro 3 is pointed towards a busy or active area, it could drain the battery really quickly? (but I think it can be plugged in for power?) Kids play in front of the house.
  3. Looks like the Lorex can be recording all the time, while the Arlo Pro 3 only records when it senses motion and then stops when no motion?
  4. I read the Arlo Pro 3 can have issues when more than one camera is streaming to the hub at once? (I have a 22 mbps upload speed if it matters)
  5. If I don’t pay the subscription for Arlo Pro 3, video saves to a USB, would I be able to access that through the app or would need to plug the USB in to a computer?

Today I was just going to grab the Arlo Pro 3, but costco closed at 6 pm. I could be “one of those” people and just get the Arlo Pro 3, if it doesn’t work well… have something better shipped (suggestions?) and return the system. Or would go with the Lorex be better? I actually like this Lorex 4k UHD more, but 3 – 5 days shipping. Not too bad.

Any and all feedback, totally welcomed. This is my first time with security cameras, if it wasn’t obvious.

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