Need advice on best camera setup to catch a transient psychopath


I apologize if this already covered somewhere, but I am having to make up on a ton of work because of time lost to this situation and haven’t had a lot of time to research.

Long story short this psycho transient guy has been bothering us and after being asked to leave us alone he came back and threw feces at my front door. While on the phone with the Police he came back and started throwing rocks at my house and broke out my front window with my 7 month old really close to where all the glass flew.

The Police actually found him within the hour and he is now in jail and charged with felony vandalism. Police told me he thinks my family is part of the Free Masons and something about us being his enemy. He is nuts. He also said he would continue to stop by my house when he is released so I went ahead and got a restraining order on him this week. I have little confidence that he is actually gonna to obey his restraining order though.

So I need a camera system that can do 2 things for me.

First, I need to clearly document his face if he walks on the sidewalk in front of my house which would be about 15-20 feet from where I can mount a camera. I think this would probably need to be constantly recording or have very good sensors and no delay for turning on. Bonus if he can be recognizable from across the street because that would still be within the 100 yards mandated in the restraining order.

Second, I want to mount cameras on both sides of my house and backyard in case he decides he wants to really mess with my family. These would be more to warn us that there is an intruder in my yard and hopefully give me as much time as I can to take care of the situation. So I don’t think these would need to run constantly but they would definitely need to have a way to notify me over my phone really fast.

I am not trying to cheap out on this but value is much appreciated as I am not wealthy. Hoping to not spend more than 800 but will if I really need to.

I appreciate all of you advice and if you guys have any advice for stuff I haven’t considered yet I’m all ears. I’m hoping this guy never comes back but if he does I want to be ready. Thanks!

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